Saturday, October 20, 2012


Report from Diane Bohlen (Speakman)

Well is all over except for the memories. The 50th anniversary reunion of class 62/63 was held in Canberra on the 9, 10, 11 October. Thank you to the organisers Ian Mclean, Bob Davis and Jeff Chapman for making the event interesting and enjoyable. Thank you to the 38 participants who turned up in wintery Canberra to make the event a success.

We started off with a 'Meet and Greet" session at the "Tradies Club" which was attached to the Quality Hotel where most of us were staying so that made travel easy. It is no longer difficult to recognise each other as we all grow old disgracefully and we picked up with our friendship as if it was only yesterday when we last met and it certainly doesn't feel 50 years since we were all mates at ASOPA. Bill and I were so keen to meet everyone that we forgot our cameras for this session. However, we all mingled in the bar area where Jeff collected money for the banquet and gave us a souvenir cap which would identify us at venues and be a great memento.

I think the model needs a haircut
After a few drinks and much chatter and chortles we adjourned to the restaurant for a meal together. It was fun catching up with old mates.

The next morning those who wanted set off for the Botanic Gardens. Most of us depended on GPS.s to get there and once again the organisers made sure everyone had a lift. Some headed for the warm cafe,  others opted for the interesting bookshop, and the tough ones donned their coats, braved the cold and wandered through the beautiful native gardens.
Dennis, Les, behind is Rodger and Rod.
Colin H and Margaret
David, Lorraine, Margaret, Susan, Bill W, Colin H.
Bill B and Joe.
At lunch time everyone arrived at the cafe where we once again enjoyed a meal together filling up 3 long tables. The atmosphere was relaxing and friendly.
Rory, Ian, Wendy and Colin B
Rod Keith, Susan and Bill W.
Dennis and Henry
After lunch there was a myriad of activities to entertain us in Canberra. Some went to museums, art galleries, shopping or just had a nanny nap. We went to Floriade, which had been on my wish list for many years. Then it was back to the hotel for a scrub up ready for the banquet at the Hellenic Club.

Diane, Peter and Margaret
Tired Tulips
It was a short walk to the club, (well done organisers). We all met in the Foyer of the very posh club before winding our way upstairs to the Ginseng Chinese Restaurant.

Joe had a collection of coats to keep him warm in his camper van.
Tech Heads with iPads
Sonia, Keith, David, Ingrid.
Here we had a separate area for our noisy crowd, where we could move easily from table to table to find those we hadn't had a chat with yet. The meal was plentiful and delicious. The company unparalleled.

Colin B, Wendy, Lorraine, David, Dennis and Ros.
Les and Bob
Ingrid and Keith
Howard and Glenda
Jeff and Robyn
Rodger, Bill W and Susan
Mick and Wendy
Sonia and Val
Peter, Ian and Rodger.
Barry and Jamie
Warwick, Kanjana and daughter. Jamie in front.
Diane, Colin H and sister Cheryl.
Bill B and Diane
We slept well after the big day and looked forward to the farewell breakfast at "The Oaks Brasserie"at Yarralumla Nursery. Thank goodness for GPS's and for the winter woollies that I packed. Friday turned out to be freezing cold, apparently most of southern Australia copped a deep freeze for that day. Luckily the outdoor restaurant was tightly clad in protective plastic drops and had the heaters going full blast. It was conducive weather for a hot breakfast.

It was sad to say good bye to everyone especially as we were reminded of how many of us (10) have already passed on. Hopefully someone will take the baton and get us all together again soon.


  1. Well done Diane and Bill. Just home from my travels, here,there and all over the place.
    I will have you know that the "tired tulips" were in great discourse discussing possible improvements for "Floriade 2013"!!! A report will be dispatched in the very near future.
    PS: Masta Crainean, contact me so as I may return your u-pants and Pope like Red socks, which you washed in my shower prior to the banquet. As a matter of fact they were again washed in Young - now almost newish!!!!

  2. My dear "Masta Joseph Crainean".
    It has been suggested to me by a person whose name I will not mention, that I put your Red socks and "smalls" (undies) up for sale on ebay!
    Who knows, the monetary gains might be enough for us to have a "free for all 62/63 members expenses" paid reunion!!!!
    The mind boogles at the thought - all transport costs and accommodation at the Cable Beach Club for a week at Broome!
    The ever enterprising Colin