Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lunch at The Harlequin in Brisbane (62/63)

Peter and Margaret Lewis are in Brisbane for a few days so what better chance than to catch up with a lunch at The 'Harlequin Restaurant' at the Sofitel Hotel above Central Station.

f.l.t.r. Diane Bohlen, Peter Lewis, Bill Bohlen, Margaret Lewis and Colin Huggins

As usual, the food and company were excellent. Peter and Margaret fly back home next Tuesday. 


  1. Sure was a great 'little' get together. Pity that QR was not more co-operative with their trains - to and from!
    The eyesight and clothing appreciation of 3 persons could improve in relation to the difference between a shirt and a pyjama top!!!!


  2. Now that we ragged huggybear about wearing his pyjamas he'll probably not wear that shirt again. Nice lunch too.

  3. Hummm, long sleeves and sweaters. It must be cooling down in the tropics. Everyone looked like they had a nice time, except for the train and sore feet. There really isn't anything like old friends, is there?


  4. My dear Diane
    Well, now everyone knows that you were "one of them" with the bad eyesight!
    However, I have news for you. You haven't seen the last of that shirt and more like it!!!! You have been warned, so ensure you have your dark glasses for the next luncheon!

  5. They all look like the backbone of society. I haven't even had breakfast yet. Greetings from a rainy Gold Coast.

  6. I can see nothing wrong with the pyjama top....vertical lines are supposed to be slimming !!!!!
    What happened to the yellow/gold/lemon/sunflower wardrobe for whichc you are noted Col?????
    Looks like the lunch was a great catch-up...oh to be retired!!!!